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Polzeath Beer & Music Festival

Polzeath Beer & Music Festival sponsored by St Austell Brewery


Save the date:  July 27th & 28th 2018


2017 roundup

Another year..another fab Polzeath Beer and Music Festival! The weather was not on our side this year but it did not stop the fun, laughter and dancing. We are absolutely delighted that despite the weather we have raised in excess of £2300 for our charities which is just amazing. So a massive thank you to everyone for your support.
We would not be able to put this event on each year without the help of so many wonderful people – Foz Foster scaffolding, Western Office Equipment, @cornwall conveinences, Absolute Canvas, Southwest Bars and Events, Simon Bertho, John Treglown and all at St Austell Brewery, Newton’s Appl Fizzics, Aussie Tukka, Fizz Fellas Prosecco Cart, Jubël, Sea Sea SodhiPancake Shack, Tarquin’s Gin from Southwestern Distillery, Gary Dutton Butchers, Lauren Taylor for her marvellous faceprinting, Tom Collins and his greenkeepers, all the staff at The Point at Polzeath who work their socks off for the 2 days and most of all YOU the people who come and make the event.
The Bands this year were incredible, brilliantly supported by Alive Music. Jean Tatam deserves a huge thank you for arranging a marvellous raffle and braved the elements to raise some serious money for the British Heart Foundation. Last but not least Green Gecko for helping us clear everything up.
The Golf competition was another great success and thank you to Libby Lehan and the Golf team for all their support. Our 3 generation maintenance team worked tirelessly to make sure that everything was under control.
2018 will be positively tropical, so we look forward to seeing you on the 27th and 28th July 2018.


Polzeath Beer and Music Festival 2017

We are delighted to be partnering St Austell Brewery again this year. We will have a selection of St Austell beers including the best selling Tribute Pale Ale as well as guest beers and our very own Festival Beer. Although this is a beer and music festival, there will also be wines from Vondeling, the Fizz Fellas and Tarquins Gin on offer.

We kick off Friday 5pm with an evening of live music, BBQ, hog roast, great ales and a golf roll up competition open to all who would like to participate. Saturday kicks off with an early shotgun golf competition (fully booked) – followed by an afternoon of children’s entertainment, more great food and live music. The line up is now confirmed and we are really excited to see a few of last years bands return and 7 new bands rock up.


Friday 28th July 

5.30pm – Disco Kernow 

7pm – Wailin’s Super Group

9pm – Neon Lightning 

10.30pm – Black Friday Band 

Saturday 29th July 

1pm – The Stowes 

3pm – Motown Pirates 

4.30pm –  Josh Curnow

6pm – Jamie Hewitt 

7pm – Loco 

9pm – Go Go Skank 

10.30pm –  Tankslapper

This is a Charity Event and we will be charging a small entry fee of £15 for the weekend to cover the cost of setting up. The ticket includes your first pint token and a glass.

This years main charity is The Cornwall Air Ambulance, this year celebrating 30 years of saving lives. The Cornwall Air Ambulance flies more than 700 lifesaving missions each year throughout Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. It does not receive any government funding for these rescue missions and so relies on the generosity of the public and organisations. In addition we will also be raising funds to Riding for the Disabled and the British Heart Foundation.

We are looking forward to summer sunshine, family entertainment and a great weekend.

Beer Festival 2016

Friday night was chillier than we had hoped for, but did not stop the crowds turning up for the first evening to enjoy the live music, BBQ and great ales. With the beautiful weather on Saturday and live music kicking off at 1.30 it turned out to be a great day out for families and music lovers. An amazing £3200 was raised for our two charities Cancer Research UK and the Bella Rose Appeal Fund. We would like to thank St Austell Brewery for their great support, the bands for great music and entertainment, all the stands and staff, and of course all the visitors who made this so special. 


St Austell Brewery

Second year running St Austell Brewery will be sponsoring the festival. We will feature local beers and lagers as well as a great selection guest beers. For those who prefer the grape variety we will have Vondeling wines, fizz cocktails from Fizz Fellas as well as Cornish Tarquin Gin. There will be plenty of non alcoholic drinks available.

Black Friday

Based in Cornwall, Black Friday is a high energy folk and Celtic punk rock band.

The music is a lively mix of original songs, traditional Irish jigs, reels and ballads, as well as cover versions by bands like the Pogues, Flogging Molly and the Mahones.


Face painting is not just for the young! We all love a bit of fun - and this year will be no different.

On Saturday we will also have a golf net for the youngster to have a go and our Pro Phil Brookes is there to give them a helping hand.


BBQ on site