June 2015

This is the time of year when greenkeepers start to go a little crazy. Every day turns into one “Groundhog Day”. Up early hand watering, keeping moisture levels where we need them and then with still a lot of continued growth it’s a long day cutting, tidying and keeping the course in good condition. During this period we generally don’t make too many changes to the course but you may notice a few little changes whilst playing.

Some of our pine trees have been receiving some much needed TLC. Cutting back the lower branches and clearing any scrub from around the base. Not only are we trying to tidy the course but we also want to make a feature of our wooded areas. Once we have cleared all the scrub we shall start including these areas in our cutting schedule. This work will continue throughout the season whenever we get a spare moment.

We have also started to introduce a first cut around the outside edge of the fairways approximately 4m wide. This will add more definition and hopefully a more forgiving lie to any ball coming to rest just off the fairway. It will also reduce the cutting time and area for our big rough mower, enabling us to include any scrub areas we clear into our cutting schedule without effecting the quality of the rest of the course.

The greens have been treated with a selective herbicide this month to knock out any weeds encroaching on the putting surface. You may notice some areas of the greens dying back. This will just be any weeds that have been hit by the treatment. As these weeds die back we shall be dressing and seeding the areas to make sure they recover quickly. You shouldn’t notice anything different.

Hope you continue to enjoy the course as much as we enjoy working on it.


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