March Gym challenge


This month’s will be body weight based exercise and will put you to the test with resistance and cardio based exercises. We have two testing exercises for you this month:

  • hand release push ups followed by
  • burpees

How quickly can you complete 5 sets of 5 of hand release push ups straight into 5 burpees? As usual you have from the 1st March until the 31st to submit your attempt. Remember you can attempt it for free as many times as you like but each attempt must be witnessed by a member of staff.

Good Luck!


February Gym competition

How quickly you could run 5km’s on the treadmill?

Jack Irwin finished in a great time of 19 minutes and 40 seconds and Esther Oldrieve was not far behind with 21 minutes and 19 seconds. Well done 🙂

A £10 off restaurant voucher will be waiting in reception for you to pick up.

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