As part of our monthly gym challenges, this month’s will be cardio based with a little something extra.
It’s time to hop to it and get your bounce on? This month you’ll be using our studio to stack some weight plates. You have 2 stacks – 1 stack of 5 X 2.5kg and 1 stack of 5 X 5kg.
You’ll run up to collect the plates one by one and bunny hop each plate back down the studio. We will take the quickest female and male time to be the winners.
Can you hack the stack?

You have from the 1st July until the 31st to submit your score. Remember, you can attempt it for free as many times as you like but each attempt must be witnessed by a member of staff. 

June Gym competition

Congratulations to last months winners pressing along to Flower by Moby. Ben Hawken smashed the time with 3:25 which is the whole song and Kim Butler with the ladies with a time of 2.09.

A £10 off restaurant voucher will be waiting in reception for you to pick up. Congratulations!

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