The Points 5 tips to get fitter

  1. Diet – First things first, try to cut out or limit your junk food intake (processed foods, take-aways and sugary food and drinks). Don’t fall into the fad diet trap, IT WON’T LAST, trust us you’ll only revert back to your old ways. It’s a gradual change, just be smart in how you eat. Think of your body as an engine, if you put bad fuel/oil in a car it’s not going to run as well, put the good stuff in and the engine will run better.
  2. Hydrate – Keeping hydrated is just as important as eating well. Not only does it keep your body functioning correctly and your digestive system healthier, it also prevents water retention and bloating. If you don’t drink enough your body will retain water and you’ll feel heavier and bloated. Try drinking daily at least 2-3 litres for females and 3-4 litres for males. This bottle is 2.2 litres.
  3. Resistance – The benefits of resistance work. You’ll build and tone muscle which means you’ll boost your metabolic rate and burn more fat. In addition to strengthening your muscles resistance work will also strengthen your bones, ligaments and tendons minimising the risk of injury. Hitting those weights will improve your muscular endurance allowing those everyday tasks that much easier. Working out also releases endorphins leaving you feel great.
  4. Cardio – Cardio workouts are great at raising your heart rate and improving your cardiovascular fitness. To maximise your fitness levels, combine weight training and cardio, not only will this get you stronger and fitter it’s a great way of getting rid of that unwanted fat! Rather than sitting at one steady state for a period of time, why not try interval training also known as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Example, 60 seconds hard work – 60 seconds rest. This will spike your heart rate up and down. 15 minutes of HIIT has been proven to burn more calories than a jogging on the treadmill for an hour. So, what are you waiting for? Hit that HIIT.
  5. Rest – Resting is investing. Take the time to rest, you’ll only burn yourself out. Rest days are important as this is when your body recovers and allows your muscles to grow stronger. Depending on your workout routine this will determine how many rest days in the week you’ll have. If you don’t have enough rest you may become tired and find it hard to keep on track with your diet, you may also end up reaching for those sugary snacks to keep yourself going. This could end up making those goals harder to reach.


And finally why not talk to the team, we would love to help you on your way.

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