The 5 best tips for improving your swing:

1 Make sure you have a good grip:
Your success in golf is determined by the degree of control you have over the trajectory, direction and speed of the golf ball. The biggest influence on all of these things is the quality of the formation of your hands on the club. The purpose of a good grip is to create maximum leverage whilst having maximum control over the club face. This is accomplished by having the handle placed diagonally across the fingers with the hands on the club at the angle they hang down at your sides. At address there should be 2-3 knuckles visible on the left hand. The V formed by the forefinger and thumb of the right hand pointing between the chin and the right shoulder.

2 Create an athletic stance and posture:
The golf swing doesn’t get the credit it deserves for the athletic and dynamic movement that it is. Fortunately you don’t need to be a great athlete to play well.
Do however stand as athletically as you can, feet approx shoulder width apart, tilting forward from the hips with a neutral spine angle, arms hanging freely down from the shoulders. The weight balanced on the balls of the feet will a feeling of being well grounded.

3 Position the golf ball correctly in your stance:
Try to resist the temptation to move the ball around too much in your stance with different clubs. This is a recipe for inconsistency. Instead place the ball in a similar position in relation to the left heal (approx 3-4 inches inside it) and simply move the right foot to the right creating a wider stance and allowing the sternum to move back more behind the ball with longer clubs. Bring the feet slightly closer together and the sternum more in line with the ball with shorter clubs. This will do everything you need to encourage the shallower angle of attack required for longer clubs and the slightly steeper one required with your shorter ones.

4 Synchronising your swing:
Many golfers think that everything should move at the same speed in their swing but this makes no sense when different elements have different distances to travel. The speed at which the different elements need to travel is directly related to the distance they have to cover. The golf swing can be compared to a large cartwheel. The hub of the wheel (the body) moves the slowest as it has a small circle to describe, whereas the rim of the wheel (the clubhead) has to move quicker to travel in its much larger circle.

5 Swing plane:
The swing plane is an often misunderstood element of the swing. The swing is not straight back and through, it is curved. To feel the correct plane and shape for your swing practice swinging the club back to the point where the left arm reaches parallel with the ground, the butt end of the club should point at a spot directly on the ball to target line. Aim to achieve the mirror image to this at the equivalent position in the follow through.

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