Our Head Chef Marek, explains his love of winter food and some of our current dishes

When end of September hits, the days are notably shorter, and it is time for Mother Nature to prepare to hibernate.

There is just enough time to jar the last of the pickles and cook the last batch of jam before winter sets in. For me autumn is the clue to dust off the pie dishes and casseroles. Hearty food is the order of the day with plenty of roasts and casseroles.

This is the time when I really love food. Hearty rich stews and casseroles, steaming soups, simple food – no show off. Food which is full of flavour for cosy winter days and evenings. Food which brings people together, … friends and family gathering and creating happy memories.

Goulash is one from those dishes. A Hungarian classic with stewing steak, onion, garlic, and peppers and tomatoes warm in colour and taste. We serve it with sourdough bread to dip into the rich sauce and help scoop up the last bits. New on the menu this winter, it has become one of the best sellers.

One of our loyal returning dishes this winter is the fish chowder based on a traditional Norwegian recipe from Bergen. Bergen on the west coast of Norway is well known as a historic fishing port. We use beautiful fresh Cornish white fish with winter vegetables and a cream-based soup making it less thick than the traditional American chowder.

The winter menu also feature sharing dishes for those who would prefer a snack to share with their friends.

Some say that winter is not as exciting for chefs as spring and summer when everything is sprouting with beautiful colours and when there is a multitude of choice of fresh vegetables and fruits. I do love spring and summer foods, but winter holds its own pure beauty.

I love walking in the woods surrounded by the most beautiful browns, burnt oranges and deep grey green. I love brisk coastal walks with the salt air blowing in from the sea. I have wonderful memories of a snappy cold winter days and the gathering of family round the open fire with a hearty rich stew in the oven, sipping on mulled wine. That is what I love about this time of the year.


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