When thinking about booking a holiday the time it takes you to get to your destination can often make your decision. Driving or taking the train to Cornwall can take a considerable amount of time, especially if coming from anywhere North of the M4. This becomes even more true if you only have a short weekend away or a car full of kids to entertain!

Luckily getting to Cornwall has never been easier, with flights from airports throughout the UK and Europe to Newquay that ensure that you spend less time travelling and more time on the beach. Cornwall Airport Newquay offers a range of flights from regional airports through the UK with flights times of less than 1 hour. Coupled with a short transfer to Polzeath of 40 mins guests could be ‘city to sea’ in less than 2 hours.

Summary of Summer UK flights*

  • London Heathrow – Newquay: 4 flights/Daily
  • London Southend – Newquay: 1 flight daily
  • Liverpool – Newquay: 1 flight Weds / 1 flight Sat
  • Edinburgh – Newquay: 1 flight Weds / 1 flight Sat
  • Birmingham – Newquay: Varying flights daily
  • Leeds/Bradford – Newquay: 2 flights Tues/Weds/Sun
  • Belfast – Newquay: 1 flights Weds/Sat

A full schedule of all regional UK airports can be viewed on this handy flight schedule visualiser. Those looking to come to Cornwall from further afield can fly from destinations all over Europe.

  • Germany (Dusseldorf & Stuttgart) – Weekly (Sat)
  • Portugal (Faro) – Twice weekly (Tues/Sat)
  • Spain (Alicante) – Three times weekly (Weds/Thurs/Sun)
  • Denmark (Copenhagen) Twice weekly (Mon/Fri)

More information on flights into Newquay airport can be found here.

Car Hire

Once you have touched down you may be wondering how to get around. The Airport has two car-hire companies onsite, so you can collect your car from Europcar or Hertz, load up your buckets and spades and set off to the beach in minutes.

If you’ve hired a car, the road links make most places in the county accessible within a short space of time. However it is sometimes more enjoyable to lose yourself on the winding roads and discover new places.

Our favourite is of course the roads hugging the sea side with its steep inclines to hill tops followed by descents into valleys, with beaches, cafes and restaurants along the route. The blowy hilltops will only have the odd tamarisk showing years of bending over in the prevailing south westerly winds. Further inland you find tree covered valleys – with foxgloves and gladioli sprouting from Cornwall’s 30,000 miles of hedges …

*All times and frequencies true at time of publication and are subject to change/alteration.

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