With the long Easter weekend around the corner, have you considered an escape to Cornwall for a well-deserved break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? After a chilly start to the Easter Break, the forecast for the Easter weekend is for sunny, warmer weather. If you have not made plans, is not too late to book an Easter break see this link to our Easter Weekend Offers.

For regulars, the Cornish getaway entails yearly rituals and common scenarios to be appreciated. Here at The Point, we pride ourselves on knowing our guests well. Many return year on year and some also come several times a year. We have learnt what a typical long weekend may look like for our visitors … 


11:30am – Trawl through A30 traffic despite leaving at 6am to avoid everyone else! (or leave at 4 am and enjoy a breakfast, the facilities and lunch before your check in)

11:45am – In the ensuing boredom suggest the idea of visiting a quaint fishing village before check-in and program into Sat Nav.

2pm – Leave ‘Safe haven’ of the A30 and rediscover the peril of country lanes.

2:15pm – Near-miss with world’s fastest tractor and trailer. 

2:30pm – Wish you had not bothered washing the car the evening before.

3:00pm – Take wrong turn down impossibly narrow country lane with grass growing down the middle. 

3:05pm – Ask jibberish local for directions and realise there is no hope in understanding.

3:15pm – Discover that Portwenn is the fictional home of Doc Martin. Try to search for Port Isaac. Realise there is no phone /satellite signal. 

3:25pm – Give up in the search of Port Isaac when you realise that you are now closer to Polzeath

4:00pm – Check in to The Point flustered and a little bit ‘teazy’ (colloquial, UK, Cornish- Irritable)

4:15pm – Open the door of your contemporary apartment or Cornish Cottage, dump bags, dog and children, and breath sigh of relief.

5:00pm – Enjoy 9 holes to stretch the legs after the rather stressful journey. Realise by hole 3 that you may not be destined for Master’s glory despite trying to play every shot you’ve seen on the TV the week before.

6:30pm – Restock on golf balls. Blame the wind.

7:00pm till late – Grab a pint or 3 of proper Cornish Ale or Cider in The Bear Bar and realise all is ok with the world. 


9am – Roll out of bed and realise you have forgotten your tooth brush.

9:30am – Scrambled eggs and OJ on the balcony with ocean views.

9:45am – Wonder what all the stress was about…

11am – Late morning ferry trip to Padstow. Fail to plan for the low tide and realise that sand WILL get everywhere inside the sole of your shoes.

12:00pm – Buy toothbrush

1pm – Proper fish and chips on the quay – Make a new seagull ‘friend’.

1:05pm – Offer your new friend a chip and make 50 more new friends.

2pm – Kelly Cornish ice cream for pudding – Realise that a 99 doesn’t refer to the price!

3:30pm – Return on the Ferry to Rock.

4:00pm – Try and work out which house is Gordon Ramsey’s

5pm – Challenge the family to a round robin of Boules, Tennis, Putting and Giant Jenga on the Bear Bar terrace.

7:00pm – Admit defeat a realise that your children or far more superior in any discipline of any sport you convince them to challenge you at.

7:05pm – Attribute their ability to your genetics and retire to your apartment with a takeaway homemade stone baked pizza.

7:30pm – Enjoy your pizza with a crisp glass of wine and a G&T on your very own terrace.

10:00pm – Realise how tiring the Cornish life is and hit the pillow!


7:30am – Wake up to the orange glow of the Cornish sky

8:00am – Get out of bed strangely early

9:00am – Brisk early morning walk down through the golf course and the valley to Polzeath beach. Wetsuit andbodyboard underarm.

9:30am – Wonder if your wetsuit has shrunk over winter…? Blame the ageing neoprene for losing its stretch.

9:45am – Contemplate a career as a professional bodyboarder

10:00am – Wipeout on huge wave and scrap career change plans.

11:00am – Emerge from the sea, battered and bruised with a huge smile on face.

1:30pm – Consume enormous Sunday lunch AND pudding in the Restaurant whilst regaling the family with tales of your most successful waves caught that day… Seemingly forgetting the less successful wipe-outs.

3pm – Waddle downstairs to the Bear Bar for ‘just one more pint’

4pm – Order 3rd pint in the Bear Bar

4:30pm – Fall asleep on world’s largest Doombar deckchair looking out to sea.

5:30pm – Wake up suddenly realising that you are going home tomorrow

5:45pm – Compile list of excuses for not returning to work on Tuesday…

5:50pm – Realise you need the money. Scrap list.

6pm – Squeeze a last 9 holes of golf into the day before dark.

6:30pm – Realise 3 pints as a warm-up doesn’t contribute to anything other than a shocking golfing performance

7:00pm – Arms now feel like lead barely able to swing the putter. *note to self “Must get fitter for next time”. Blame the wind.

8:00pm – One (or two) for the road in The Bear Bar

9:30pm – Reluctantly start packing bags.


8:00am – Hit the gym and swim a few lengths in the pool after yesterday’s pep-talk.

9:30am – Packs bags including entire beach worth of sand.

9:45am – Jam bags into the car wondering how everything got in on the way.

10:00am – Hand over keys and check out. Start sobbing uncontrollably.

10:05am – Google directions for Port Isaac whilst still in signal. Discover The Fisherman’s Friends whilst searching.

10:15am – Realise from pictures that half of the Fisherman’s Friends were in The Bear bar the previous evening.

10:20am – Kick yourself for missing out on a selfie and a claim to fame

10:30am – Depart The Point and into the unknown of country lanes in search of a last minute Cornish pasty…



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