If one thing is for certain the Cornish love their food and drink. With a reputation for great food and as well as being the country’s most beautiful county (yes, we are biased), Cornwall is often at the top of a foodie’s ‘must do’ hit-list. From hearty Cornish pasties to creamy Cornish Yarg, there is a huge selection of locally-sourced foods you must try when visiting The Point this summer, many of which are simple, tasty treats. Here are our top picks:

Cornish Pasty

The county’s legacy to the food world. The Cornish pasty has earned Protected Geographical Indication status in Europe, which means only pasties made in Cornwall can call themselves Cornish. Traditional Cornish pasties, which are also known as ‘oggies’ are pastries filled with beef, swede, potato and onions (No carrots!), folded, crimped and baked.

Cornish pasties were popularised hundreds of years ago by the wives of tin miners who began making them as practical, wholesome and delicious meals to eat whilst working in the mines. It is said that the crimped crust of the pasty was never eaten, but used to hold the pasty and discarded as miners often has poisonous deposits on their hands.

The perfect Cornish pasty recipe can be found on the Cornish Pasty Association’s website

Cream Tea

Cornwall is renowned for producing the freshest and creamiest clotted cream in the country. Cornish cream tea is a tantalising combination of this smooth clotted cream, baked scones, sweet strawberry jam and traditional English tea often enjoyed on a sunny afternoon.

There is a never-ending dispute between Cornwall and neighbouring Devon about which topping comes first with the Cornish opting for jam first and Devon for cream first (but that’s just ludicrous).

Cornish Fairings

A ‘fairing’ was originally a treat sold at the seasonal fairs all the country, but as usual the Cornish did them best. Cornish Fairings have been produced in Cornwall for the last hundred years.

Saffron Bun

Rich buns, coloured a vivid yellow with fresh saffron and loaded with currants. Saffron buns be found in every bakery in Cornwall. The delicately flavoured, ‘cake’ can be enjoyed sliced and spread with butter, toasted or just eaten fresh.

Porthilly Mussels

Grown and harvested on the bed of the Camel estuary just a stone’s throw from us here at The Point. Porthilly Mussels along with their Oysters are a go to for all Moules fans.

Cornish Yarg

There is no better addition to a cheese board in Cornwall than a big chunk of Cornish Yarg. Yarg is a semi-hard, fresh and creamy cheese, made from pasteurised cow’s milk and wrapped in nettles. Its texture varies from creamy and soft under the nettles to hard and crumbly in the middle. Produced only in Cornwall.

A Proper Beach BBQ

If one thing is for certain nothing beats a proper beach BBQ on one of Cornwalls many gorgeous beaches or cliff tops. The smell of charcoal burning and sausages sizzling whilst the sun sets in the distance; What could be better?

If you don’t want to waste beach time shopping and preparing your BBQ, Fee’s Food – based in Rock, will make sure that you have everything you need to enjoy your ultimate Cornish Beach BBQ

And to wash it all down?

Tarquin’s Cornish Gin

Distilled just outside of Padstow, Tarquin’s gin is taking the spirits scene by storm. A number of their gins have won international accolades with the 57% ABV Navy strength ‘Seadog’ gin winning best gin in the world in 2017. The Tarquin’s gin range, which includes many flavoured gins, can all be found in The Bear Bar.

Camel Valley

Producers of award winning wine and bubbly from grapes grown on the sun-drenched banks of the River Camel a few miles from The Point. In fact, their quality is so highly regarded that they earned themselves the Royal seal of approval by H.R.H Prince Charles as purveyors of English sparkling wines for royal events.

Knightor Wines

This time the grapes are grown on the south coast. Fast building a great reputation for top quality still and sparkling wines. Served alongside our restaurant dishes they are the perfect accompaniment to a summer evening meal on the terrace.

Sharps Brewery

Yet another well-renowned drink producer based in Cornwall. Situated in Rock just at the end of our lane all Sharps beverages consumed in Cornwall (in particular – The Point) are the freshest brews (we can often smell as a new batch is being fermented). The producers of the Uk’s No.1 cask selling ale Doombar, are more than a one trick pony with a number of other highly sought after beverages on offer – Sea Fury , Atlantic, Offshore to name a few.

St Austell Brewery

Founded in 1851, It is known to be one of the oldest businesses in Cornwall and it is still family owned. Producers of the well known Tribute and Proper Job ales as well as ‘Korev’ which literally translates in Cornish to ‘Beer’. All can be enjoyed watching the sun set on our terrace or after a round of golf. St Austell Brewery are also proud sponsors of our annual Beer and Music Festival

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