New 7th Hole Updates

As many of you will be aware, Tom and his team have been busy amongst the trees to the right of the current 7th hole constructing what will form a brand new par 3. The hole will be an exciting new addition to the course and enhance the playing experience even further. Much of the inspiration for the hole comes from the par 3 4th on the Old Course at Sunningdale.

The hole will play uphill across the current 7th hole over a low Cornish stone wall with a bunker to the front right of the green. Trees will surround the green to the rear catching those who opt to play an extra club in length. Meanwhile, those coming up short will face a tricky uphill chip. The green will continue to feature a large two-tier element reflecting that of the old 7th whilst providing some challenging pin options.

At present, the right hand side of the green has been cleared, shaped and seeded. The bunker has now been lined with rubber crumb and is ready for sand. We still have a bridge to install, gorse to transplant and a general tidy up before opening in the spring 2021. When we open the new 7th, the old 7th green will be maintained as normal throughout this season just in case we need to give the new green a rest from time to time.



We will be updating this page with pictures as the hole progresses so please keep checking for updates or bookmark the page. You may also wish to follow Tom on twitter who regularly updates his feed with the latest work taking place.

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