New for summer 2022 – Be one of the first to play one of the fastest growing sports in the UK! 

As part of our ongoing commitment to upgrading and adding to our facilities and sporting infrastructure here at The Point, we are delighted to announce a brand new offering for friends and families to enjoy. A project that has been in the pipeline for a little while is nearing completion this month.

History was made on Monday 2nd May when the first trench was dug to mark the start of the padel revolution in Cornwall. Available in Cornwall for the first time, The Point is building two purpose built Padel tennis courts in partnership with Rocks Lane Padel.

“ It has been my dream to bring padel to the UK for over 10 years. I first became inspired after seeing a family playing padel with smiles on their faces whilst on holiday in Spain. I wanted to find out more about this unique sport that seemed like a cross between beach tennis, lawn tennis and squash. After some research, it quickly became my aim to develop a padel tennis facility in the UK that would be available to all and give people of all ages and abilities a chance to play this fun and sociable sport with friends and family. This dream was realised when we built the largest padel centre in the UK on Chiswick Common in London, 12 months ago. We now have 4500 registered players, 5 full time padel teaching pros, local and national tournaments and a number of players representing Great Britain.The next stage of this historic journey takes place in Cornwall and we are very excited to bring this sporting joy to the South West.”

Chris Warren – Rocks Lane Padel

The new courts will be situated just outside our clubhouse on the site of our old tennis courts and will be completed in time for May half term. Courts will be available to book online via the Playtomic App on the hour during health club opening hours. 

They will be available to both members and visitors alike. Please keep an eye out for updates when bookings go live on our dedicated Padel tennis page!

What is Padel Tennis?

A cross between tennis and squash, it is played in an enclosed court measuring 10x20m surrounded by glass and chain link fence with a tennis net in the middle of the court. Many of you may have seen these courts on holiday in Europe, in particular Spain, where the sport is much more established.

Four people play the game in a doubles format with a tennis scoring system and the rules are the same with only one bounce allowed on the court surface. It’s a faster moving game than regular tennis and is said to be much easier to play, suitable for all ages and abilities. Each rally starts with an underarm serve which makes the game easier to play than traditional tennis. The ball can rebound off the glass panels and be hit back in to play to give the opportunity for longer rallies and more fun. Padel appeals to all ages and abilities and is equally popular with all genders.

A padel racket is smaller than a tennis racket and the balls are slightly softer making it easier to hit the ball back over the net.

You can check out the basic rules here

But What About Our Tennis Courts?

Fear not, our padel courts have not replaced our tennis courts altogether but they have moved. We have invested in two brand new tennis courts which are now situated behind the Health Club. These new courts are a huge improvement and their new site should improve playability now that they are more sheltered than before.

Further to this our tennis courts can also now be booked in advance online! Simply head to our Tennis Page and hit the book a court button.

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