With our summer now upon us we are delighted with the winter upgrades that have taken place. We have been thrilled to see everyone making such great use of the new and improved facilties whilst enjoying a refreshed look in both the gym and along the poolside. The feedback received has been fantastic and the improvements will continue across the site. If you haven’t heard about our recent upgrades did take then check them out below.

We would love to see even more fresh faces making use of them and joining in with the continued growth here at The Point. For any questions about coming along then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Brand New Sauna and Steam Room

This was a major refurb that took place poolside and has been widely enjoyed by everyone. The old sauna and steam room were completely ripped out and then the build on the new ones commenced. The maintenance team did an excellent and time efficient job to get these both in place and back in action ready for use. Both saunas and steam rooms have a wealth of benefits including their ability to aid recovery, promote healthy skin and most importantly, help you relax. Hard to say no to that!

New Tennis Courts in a New Location

Our popular tennis courts have moved location and are now secluded in the perfect spot to play just behind the Health Club. They are brand new, freshly painted and have been in action (and very well booked up) for several months now. With racket hire and ball purchase available in the Health Club we have everything to help you get going on the courts.

You can now also book and pay for your courts online to make it all that little bit easier on arrival.

Padel Tennis arrives at The Point and is a HIT! 

During the month of May we saw the build of our Padel tennis courts take place. What a hit it’s been! Padel is a rapidly growing racket sport played in doubles on an enclosed court. The court is approximately 25% smaller than a tennis court and you are free (within certain rules) to play off both the sides and back areas. Scoring is very similar to normal tennis and a solid Padel racket is used alongside a ball with slightly less pressure.

The participation on our new courts has been huge! Fully booked days and copious amounts of positive reviews flowing in. It’s an absolute must for members and visitors alike, one game will get you hooked and you’ll be back for more. Padel can be booked and paid for via the (Playtomic app) All you then have to do is come and grab your gear and we will get you going! See you on the courts!  

New H.I.I.T Class on the Timetable

With summer well on its way and with the lighter mornings already here with us we have decided to add an early morning session to our timetable! Our new H.I.I.T (High intensity interval training) class is taking place on Monday mornings at 7am. If you’re looking for a good way to kickstart your week then this is the one for you!

Come and get your training done in an efficient, fast paced, enjoyable half hour and then leave your evening free to put your feet up and relax or make use of our other facilities.

Have you considered personal training sessions?

The team in the Health Club are always eager to get in the gym and help you chase your goals. We can utilise our knowledge gained over many years of experience to design and deliver some efficient, challenging and progressive training routines so you get the great benefits of exercise every time you train.

If you feel lost with your training, no matter what level of experience you are, just having one session can help kickstart you and add some structure and accountability.

Get in contact or enquire with one of the team to discuss frequency, timings and what kind training you wish to do. We have availability and are ready to get going!

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