Introducing Chef George…

We are delighted to introduce our new Head Chef George Smith who has just recently taken over the helm in the kitchen.

A young, energetic talent who has big plans for the kitchen and our menus moving forward!

We took 10 minutes for a Q and A to find out more…



What is your earliest food memory?

My earliest food memory was probably visiting my fathers kitchen when I was very young probably about 4 or 5 and the beautiful smells.

When did you first realise you wanted to become a chef?

I have always enjoyed cooking from a young age, I first realised I had a passion when I did some work experience at the Rick Steins Seafood restaurant.

Where has your journey as a chef taken you so far?

So far I have worked predominantly in Cornwall, although I have also worked in Paris for a short period of time.

What style of cooking would you say best describes you?

For me classic French is my favourite but I like to try and put a bit more of a modern twist on it as classic French is very set in its ways.

What influences your work? Which Chefs and Regions?

The biggest influences for me are French and Spanish food. The range of ingredients that are available from theses regions is amazing, full of flavour and colour. I am really inspired by Tom Kitchin as his food is really seasonal and really fresh.

What is the most useful kitchen gadget you have ever bought?

The most useful item I have ever bought would have to be a mandolin, makes light work of any jobs that require very fine preparation.

 What would you choose as your last supper?

Dover sole meuniere is my absolute favourite. Whenever I see this on a menu it’s a must for me.

Tell us something we would not know about you?

If I wasn’t a chef I would be a fishermen. I think that it’s a very different, honest way of life and and weirdly interesting.

Do you have any other hobbies aside from cooking?

When not at work I enjoy diving, spearfishing, walking my dogs and playing rugby.

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