2 years ago

New Junior Tennis Coaching

We are really excited to have teamed up with Just Tennis based at Wadebridge Tennis club to provide junior and adult coaching at The Point. The Junior term time coaching starts Saturday 9th June 12noon and lasts an hour. For more information read here…

3 years ago

Bank Holiday Monday 20% OFF

Bank Holiday Monday 7th May 2018   We have ordered sunshine from sunrise to sunset for our 20% OFF day. Bring the family (kids under 18 go free with a paying adult) – have a meal or a drink, – swim in the pool or play tennis, play golf or pack it all in and… Read more »

3 years ago

Best dog-friendly days out in North Cornwall

What’s better than a Cornish getaway with fresh air, stunning clifftop scenery, and cosy pub lunches? Enjoying all the above with your faithful four-legged friend! Fortunately, Cornwall is one of the most dog-friendly parts of the UK, and many popular local attractions welcome well-behaved pups. Here are some of our favourites: Tintagel Castle   You’ve… Read more »

3 years ago

KEEP FIT – Top 5 tips

The Points 5 tips to get fitter Diet – First things first, try to cut out or limit your junk food intake (processed foods, take-aways and sugary food and drinks). Don’t fall into the fad diet trap, IT WON’T LAST, trust us you’ll only revert back to your old ways. It’s a gradual change, just… Read more »

3 years ago

January Gym Competition

This month’s will be a cardio based gym exercise on the rowing machine: How far can you row? 4 x 1-minute sprint/1-minute rest. We’ll add up your distance in each sprint to get your total distance. The ladies will row on level 6 and the gents will row on level 10. You have from the… Read more »

3 years ago

December Gym Competition

The December Christmas gym challenge is testing work using the TRX. A nice easy one for Christmas! How quickly can you complete 3 sets of the following? 15 squat jumps, 15 triceps extensions and 15 bicep curls. This will test your explosive leg power and give your arms a workout too. You have from the… Read more »

3 years ago

November Gym Competition

This month’s will test you on your cardio and body resistance fitness – a full body workout, but you will really feel it in your hamstrings and quads! How quickly can you climb and descend our pyramid set? This will test your upper body and get your heart racing with 5 burpees followed by 5… Read more »

3 years ago

Pick & Mix Membership

Looking to keep fit this winter?   If you are looking for a fantastic deal you can find one right here: Start by picking one of the following membership options for £135 Gym or Swim or Classes Then (if required) add any one of the following membership options Gym (£10) or Swim (£10) or Classes… Read more »

3 years ago

October Gym Competition

October’s challenge will test you on body weight resistance with a little extra weight: How long can you hold the wall sit for? This will test you on your leg endurance and core strength. Keep an eye on your breathing and take your mind elsewhere to become this month’s winner. Men will have a 15kg… Read more »