England Golf Privacy Policy – World Handicap System

As a club member we need to let you know that post launch of the World Handicap System (WHS) you need to have access to the England Golf WHS privacy notice.

England Golf take the principles of Data Protection very seriously. They are committed to being transparent about how they collect and use our members’ data, and this privacy notice is an important part of that commitment. The England Golf WHS privacy notice has been provided to all those ISVs that have been licensed by CONGU to have access to the WHS platform in England and will be displayed by ISVs on their platforms.

As part of this, we as a club need to share information about your name, gender, handicap, DOB and email address which will mean you are able to transfer to the new WHS, in order to hold a handicap. 

The Golf Team will verbally communicate with you if we require any additional information, otherwise we will share the information we already hold.

Safe Golf

The Point at Polzeath is committed to ensure that the sport of golf is one within which children and young people involved can thrive and flourish in a safe environment and that all children, young people and adults at risk have a fun, safe and positive experience when playing golf. 

The Point at Polzeathis an affiliated member of England Golf and follows the England Golf Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy and procedures.  To read our safeguarding policies and welfare officer information using the buttons below.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Policy & Disciplinary Policy

We as a club are happy to adopt the Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Policy and Disciplinary Policy as set out by England Golf and it’s upcoming affiliation requirements (on a similar level to that of the Safe Golf Requirement that we actively adopt.)

We consider it important to adhere to both policies in any situation to the best of our team’s ability.