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Last Updated  13/11/21 1pm

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Please Note: Club diaries are subject to change in the event of society bookings and rescheduling of events. We will endeavour to update the diary in the event of any changes as soon as possible

Course Update Sept 2021

2nd Ponds

Over the last 4-5 years our weather patterns have become more ‘feast or famine’ with no in between.  Periods of heavy, continuous rain (feast) are followed by long, drawn out periods of very dry weather (famine). As most of you will be aware, we have a very limited amount of water to use to irrigate the turf during these dry periods and all watering must be done by hand. During any prolonged dry spell, we are unable to maintain the turf on some areas of the course, most notably the tees, to the standard we desire.

Our first problem is having enough water. So, at the beginning of August we started working on the two ponds on the left of the 2nd hole. Both ponds have been cleaned out, reshaped and the lower of the two ponds has been made bigger to act as a storage pond to use as irrigation water. The construction of the ponds is almost complete, a liner will be fitted w/c 20th September and then a transfer pump and pipeline will be installed to take the water to our holding tank. The ponds should fill during the winter months, giving us an ample supply of water for next season. Once we have an adequate supply of water, we can then look to install an automatic watering system at some point in the future.

2nd Fairway Drainage

The ponds on the left of the 2nd hole are fed by field run off water, which is piped under the 2nd fairway. This pipe is an old fiberglass pipe installed many years ago. During prolonged wet periods or a sudden deluge this pipe can become blocked, and as many of the members will have experienced, the water backs up and comes out over the top, creating a river across the fairway. Whilst we are working in the area reshaping and relining the pond, we will dig out the old pipe and replace it with a new, bigger, pipe and stone. This will help draw water off the surface and improve the drainage of the fairway.

Set Aside Rough

The set aside rough is managed to not only add interest and definition to the golf course but also to encourage wildlife and wildflowers. The Point is striving to be as environmentally friendly as possible and managing the rough areas properly is a big part of that. The more areas we can manage in this way helps reduce fuel usage, exhaust fumes, chemical usage and unnecessary man hours that can be used elsewhere.

We will cut and collect these areas at the end of the season (September/October) and maintain them as and when needed until April when they are left to grow to seed. Unfortunately, towards the end of the season the long grasses will begin to lie flat which makes finding a golf ball difficult, especially during dry spells when the ball will bounce further into the rough. I assure you that this will improve every year if we continue to carry out this operation and eventually, we will get to a stage where, even when laying flat, the grass will be thin enough to find and play your ball.

Maintenance week

Maintenance week will take place w/c 4th October. This year we will, again, be hiring a disc seeder from Trevose golf club. The disc seeder slices open the surface to a depth of 5-10mm, drops seed in the bottom of the slit and then closes it over again. This method of seeding gets the seed exactly where it needs to be, and we should see 98% of the seed germinate. We’ll carry out 2 passes with the disc seeder over the greens, once with Bent seed and once with Fescue seed and then one pass over the tees and approaches.

Alongside disc seeding, we will be aerating and top-dressing greens, tees, and approaches to aid recovery from a long season and prepare for the winter months ahead. Once this is completed, we will start verti draining the fairways. Verti draining relieves compaction, allows air and water to move through the soil profile, improving drainage and encouraging root growth.

Tom Collings HGK

Safe Golf at The Point

The Point at Polzeath is committed to ensure that the sport of golf is one within which children and young people involved can thrive and flourish in a safe environment and that all children, young people and adults at risk have a fun, safe and positive experience when playing golf. 

The Point at Polzeathis an affiliated member of England Golf and follows the England Golf Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy and procedures.  To read our safeguarding policies and welfare officer information using the buttons below.

England Golf Privacy Policy Update – World Handicap System

As a club member we need to let you know that in preparation for the launch of the World Handicap System (WHS), which draws ever nearer (2nd November), we are now in a position to provide and share the England Golf WHS privacy notice.

England Golf take the principles of Data Protection very seriously. They are committed to being transparent about how they collect and use our members’ data, and this privacy notice is an important part of that commitment.

The England Golf WHS privacy notice has been provided to all those ISVs that have been licensed by CONGU to have access to the WHS platform in England and will be displayed by ISVs on their platforms.

As part of this, we as a club need to share information about your name, gender, handicap, DOB and email address which will mean you are able to transfer to the new WHS, in order to hold a handicap. We will submit this by the 5th October, but then can manually load information thereafter if anything needs changing.

The Golf Team will verbally communicate with you if we require any additional information, otherwise we will share the information we already hold in order for a smooth transition.