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We are delighted to welcome Rachel James who will offer 4 different types of specialist massage including Ayurvedic massage as well as an ultimate reviving facial treatment. Rachel will be working four days a week; Wednesday – Saturday.

Richard Draisy is already in place every Monday and Tuesday offering Sports Massage also know as Soft Tissue Massage.

Rachel James Therapies

Rachel comes with a string of qualifications and a wealth of experience. Initially Rachel certified as a therapist in 2000, having completed 3 years training to gain an NVQ 2, NVQ 3 and Diploma in Holistic Complimentary Therapies. This qualified Rachel to offer Swedish massage, aromatherapy, deep tissue, Indian head massage and reflexology. Rachel has been a therapist for 19 years, which has led her on a journey discovering her own unique style as a bodyworker, Ayurvedic practitioner and Cornwall’s only appointed VIP Facialist. Having worked within numerous Spas over the years, Rachel has built up extensive knowledge which has enabled her to train and assess others practitioners to offer exemplary standards of treatments. After having her daughter Amber 4 years ago, Rachel has been working exclusively at The Scarlet as an Ayurvedic therapist.

“All the treatments are 100% tailored to you, bespoke with your individual needs at heart. The products I use are all organic and are selected and blended to deliver the very best results; whether that be to de-stress, tackle fatigue, muscle tension release, detoxify, sublime relaxation or catering to those that are pregnant”

The treatments last 1 hour, but this time can be extended or combined if wished. Bookings for treatments can be made directly with Rachel by calling 07862134350.

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage is like a hypnotic dance, listening and sculpting the body’s needs.

During an Ayurvedic massage a subtle transfer of electromagnetic energy takes place between the therapist and client. Oils vary to target imbalances and massage styles vary from deep to superficial following the energy channels, nerve pathways and muscle groups. It is as though the body is sculpted and moulded back to alignment bringing about an enormous sense of well-being. During the treatment marma points are incorporated, these can be compared to acupressure points and used with the same intention of increasing flow and vitality. The massage can be full body including face or key areas focused upon, to bring about harmony.

1 hr Ayurvedic massage £60

Hydrotherm massage

This treatment involves two warm water cushions which cover the top of the massage couch (think of it like a supportive water bed). Throughout the treatment you remain face up as the transition of the water allows me to work between the pillows and your body to create a 3 dimensional massage in weightlessness, through which you never have the disruption of turning over or have to use a face hole. The warmth of the cushions cradles you, warms your muscles and your body determines the depth. This treatment is incredible for increasing range of movement within shoulders and lower back pain – ideal for golfers, reducing chronic tension if you are stressed, pregnant or just in need of a well-deserved thorough pampering.

The massage flows beautifully from top to toe, leaving you feeling incredible. Your body weight assists me to get the correct amount of pressure for your muscle needs to release the root of pent up tension. Most people who have had a Hydrotherm find it so much more comfortable than a traditional massage couch.

1 hr Hydrotherm massage £60

Pregnancy Massage

Mums to be can rest easy in my safe hands with the reassurance I have worked alongside midwifes and physios. As a pregnancy massage specialist and as a mother myself I can relate to your needs.

1 hr Pregnancy massage £60

Hot Poultice Massage

The use of poultices is a very ancient technique, mostly found in Thailand, South East Asia and India. It has even been revealed that historically it was used to soothe the aches of soldiers dating back to the 14th century. This is a full body poultice massage incorporating anti-inflammatory herbs such as turmeric, lemongrass and lime kaffir tightly wrapped in muslin cloth to the size of my palm and steamed. These bundles are then used to stimulate the muscle tissue to relieve aches, pains and tension creating a deep, detoxifying yet deeply soothing massage.

1 hr full body massage £70

The Ultimate Skin Reviving Facial

This outstanding facial will guarantee to meet all your skin needs. A literal superfood treatment for your skin with visible results. Organic skin care enhanced with the powers of seaweed, delivering nutrients and results your skin will love. Organic jojoba which is close to our own natural sebum will restore balance, making it appropriate for all skin types, promoting youthful plumpness, reducing the appearance of fine lines and reviving glow. The treatment will start with a scalp massage, incorporate a 20-minute natural facelift massage and choice of hand or feet reflex point massage.

1 hr £65

See Rachel’s July 19 reviews:

Just had the Best massage treatment with Rachel – truly relaxing and therapeutic – lovely person and a fantastic experience after a hard day surfing!

Wonderful massage, so relaxed and feeling totally refreshed and now full of energy and ready to go surfing again. Thank you. Ian Lx

I have just had the most incredible massage! Very therapeutic and great pressure. Highly recommended. Thank you x

A wonderful relaxing massage with fragrant hot poultices. A magical experience . Not to be missed. Hugh B

Just had a massage with Rachel. Now feel so relaxed. She is such an asset to “The Point”. I’ve had a massage every month for over 30 years so I know she is an excellent masseuse as I have a lot of comparisons! Becky MacC…

Rachel is an excellent masseuse with a deep intuition and experience to offer to her clients. Thank you.! AA x

Wonderful experience. Very thoughtful lady and much enjoyed the experience. Many thanks. Jeannette

What a wonderful relaxing way to spend an hour. The facial was so exhilarating and enjoyable and compared to other facials I have had – Rachel was great. Reflexology was wonderful too. Thank you. Marie.

A very relaxing and amazing treatment Just what I needed. Will definitely be booking again when we next come. Highly recommended. Heather x

Thank you for such a wonderful and relaxing massage. Fabulous – I’m still tingling!

Rachel was amazing! I had the most relaxing facial and will absolutely be returning for more. I didn’t want it to end! It was the best facial I have ever had.

Best massage I have ever received. Real care taken into finding out how to personalise your therapy so that you are fully satisfied. Perfect pressure and feel totally spoilt. Thank you.


Sports Massage with Richard Draisey

We are delighted to welcome Richard Draisey, a level 5 qualified soft tissue and sports massage therapist and founder of Refresh St Agnes, to our treatment room. Richard has taken over as Alex Harris sadly had to stop doing massage due to injury. Richard has worked closely with Alex in the past and comes with her recommendation.

Known to most people as a sports massage Soft Tissue Therapy is becoming more popular year by year as people uncover the huge range of benefits it provides.

Richard says; “I can assess, treat and offer rehabilitation advice for a wide range of minor and chronic injuries. Soft tissue therapy utilises a wide range of techniques to reduce pain, improve mobility and aid recovery. I aim to not only treat the symptoms and make you feel better on the day, but identify the root cause and work with you to make lasting improvements.”

Soft tissue massage is not just for sports people, it can also alleviate pains from every day life such as a sore back from sitting in an office chair for 8 hours a day.

Contact Richard on 07584179322


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Small but well-equipped gym
“Everything we needed was there. Lovely pool and excellent sauna. It’s not often you have a nice view from a sauna, but this one looks out over the hills. Will definitely go again if we’re in the area.”

Exercise classes are well thought out catering for every need
“The instructors are always willing to help and give advice. Swimming pool is clean and hygienic, the staff are always to be seen cleaning the steam room and sauna first thing in the morning. Personally, first thing in the morning the staff are always bright and cheerful.”

Really welcoming gym
“With a great variety of weights. I have been a member here for 8 years, the staff are very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Great fun, love it.”

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“Great classes, brilliant staff. Keeps me fit mentally and physically. Just great.”