Our gym is packed full of fantastic equipment so you’ll never be at a loss for something to do.

From Bosu balls to Olympic bars, there is everything on hand in the gym that you will need for your workout.  Our equipment includes a whole range of cardio machines, a large selection of resistance machines that target every major muscle in the body, free weights and benches, a squat rack and much more.

We keep the music upbeat, current and motivational and there will always be an instructor nearby to lend a hand or a spot.  Instructors will be happy to conduct a complimentary induction to new members and will even write you up a personal exercise programme to help you stay focused and on track to your goals.

The team of personal trainers are all professionally qualified and have their own personal approach to training. It’s all part of ensuring a fun and varied environment.

Gym and Studio – The gym will be available to all without any pre-booking necessary, however we do recommend checking with us before arriving during peak times. We may have to from time to time limit the capacity to 25 people if we feel there is a risk to users. Please be respectful of people space and use the sanitiser provided for cleaning equipment between uses. Pre-booking is still necessary for classes which are limited by equipment.

Class Timetable

The following charges apply to non-members:
Adults Day Pass (access to gym and pool for the day) £14
Adults £8 per gym session