Be one of the first to play one of the fastest growing sports in the UK!

Available in Cornwall for the first time, The Point has two purpose built Padel courts situated just outside our clubhouse. Courts are available to book via the Playtomic App on the hour during health club opening hours.

Courts cost just £24 an hour to hire for 4 people and rackets are available to hire for in the Health Club for those that require them. Balls can be purchased.

How to Book a Court

Padel Tennis Courts can only be booked via the “Playtomic” App. This can be downloaded in the app store and is available on both iOS and Android. 

The Point and Rocks Lane Padel have partnered with Playtomic who are the world’s leading Padel court booking system and renowned for the positive user experience and for connecting Padel players and clubs across the globe. 

Using the Playtomic App
There are only 2 essential things that you need to do. 
1. Download the Playtomic app by logging into your app store and searching “Playtomic”. A member of staff can help you if you have trouble. 
2. Follow the instructions, register and set up your profile. 

Here are a few of the benefits of using Playtomic
– Easy booking of courts 
– Find players to play with through the app 
– The app will give you a level/ranking which you can use to find players of similar ability 
– You can add scores from matches and watch your level improve the more you play 
– You can find, follow and communicate with all players through the app 
– You can split payments for courts at the point of booking – so no chasing money 

The app has a customer service team and a library of help articles to support you so feel free to reach out and you will become part of the Playtomic Padel community in Cornwall quicker than you can say Bandeja 

A quick video about the Playtomic App from the players perspective is below 

What is Padel Tennis?

A cross between tennis, squash and beach tennis, it is played in an enclosure of glass and chain link fence with a tennis net in the middle of the court.

Each rally starts with an underarm serve which makes the game easier to play than traditional tennis. The ball can rebound off the glass panels and be hit back in to play to give the opportunity for longer rallies and more fun. Padel appeals to all ages and abilities and is equally popular with all genders.

A padel racket is smaller than a tennis racket and the balls are slightly softer making it easier to hit the ball back over the net.

The scoring system is the same as tennis and the rules are the same with only one bounce allowed on the court surface.

You can check out the basic rules here