We will motivate you, challenge you, push you and praise you!

Use of personal trainers is becoming more popular simply because it produces results, regardless of your age or physical condition. Most people who exercise have a desire to reach a goal: lose weight, tone up, stay young, or simply feel better. Working with a personal trainer ensures your exercise time will be targeted and effective.

Our personal trainers are professionally qualified and have the necessary experience to work with you. Each has their own way of working and we would encourage you to review our team profiles to see which of our trainers you feel would suit you best.

Together with your personal trainer, you will agree your goals and develop a customised training program. We aim to provide a fun, varied and inspiring program for you that will challenge and push you. The options are endless.

You decide how long you wish to make use of a personal trainer. Some select one or two sessions to get things started while others choose packages of ten or more sessions to achieve a specific goal. You can choose to meet a personal trainer daily, weekly or monthly, we are flexible and can work around your schedule. A partnership over time is guaranteed to deliver the best results.

Please speak to one of our team about teaming up for personal training – it could be just the start you need.

Personal Training Pricing

£30 per session (one to one)

Meet Our Team

ROSIE – Rosie has been with the team for over 6 years and has used this time to accumulate all of her knowledge and experience of the Health Club and worked her way to become the manager in 2020

Rosie is a fully qualified level 3 personal trainer, as well as a level 1 strength and conditioning coach and holds certifications in COVID-19 Rehabilitation and Nutrition for Health and Performance. In 2016, Rosie won a silver medal in Fitness Instructing at the national finals of WorldSkills UK and since then has achieved multiple other accolades in Fitness Instructing.

She has experience training clients with a vast array of goals and abilities and always takes a client led approach to her coaching- her enthusiasm is infectious and with her support you will be achieving things you never thought you could, no matter what your starting point is!

When she isn’t training herself in the gym, taking part in Aerial Athletics or Pro Wrestling, she can be found teaching classes in Kettlebells, Spinning, TRX, Dance Fitness, Pump, HIIT and Circuits as well as always being a willing helping hand for any help and advice needed in the gym.

GARY – We are delighted to welcome Gary Dick, a highly qualified instructor who has recently joined our dedicated Team here at The Point. Gary brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise, having been proprietor of his own very popular Gym in Wadebridge for several years.

CRAIG – Craig is a L4 Cardiac Rehab qualified instructor who holds a L3 GP Referral and Personal Trainer qualification he is also a qualified Strength and Conditioning coach. 

Alongside all of this he is also a L4 Injury Specific Sports Massage Therapist that is also qualified in Dry Cupping.

He can teach Spinning, Kettlebells, TRX, HIIT, Pump and Box fit classes as well as taking on personal training clients on a 1-1 or 2-1 basis.

He specialises in weight lifting, muscular strength and endurance plus fat loss, but will take on a variety of clients with many different goals or conditions. 

“When I train for myself, it’s all about trying to build muscle and gain strength. Using many different training methods, I have developed a training program that works with my body. When I’m with my clients, I realise everyone is different and their genetic makeup is unique therefore, one type of training will not have the same effect on every individual. It’s all about finding what works for my clients and it is important to me that they enjoy this process of personal development”

“I help my clients to achieve their goals by tailoring every session to their needs whilst making it as enjoyable as possible.”

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!”

STEPHANIE – Stephanie has worked in fitness for over 20 years. Firstly, qualifying as an Aerobics and Step Aerobics Instructor.  She then went on to work with the US Navy, qualifying as a Navy standard Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. Stephanie gained 11 years of valuable experience, also qualifying with World Body Building Association as a gym instructor, then Stephanie had a time out to have two children, then gained her personal training level 3 to get back into teaching again.

Stephanie has a long history of competing at national level, running at many distances from 5k on the track to cross country to full-marathon and also holds a level 1 coaching qualification.

Stephanie specialises in endurance-based training and can definitely help with that time or distance you want to achieve. She can also assist with strength, conditioning and weight loss programs.

WILL – Will is a recently qualified level 3 personal trainer, gaining his qualification during lockdown. He has also earned his higher sports leadership qualification which has helped him specialise in training for specific sports since he was 17. Will has always been involved in exercise whether that be Judo or Muay Thai, Rugby or Swimming but throughout the last two years Will has been honing his skills regarding client form in the gym and creating a diverse array of workouts both with and without equipment.

Will is unique in that he realises the huge impact physical exercise has on mental health, this becoming even more important in recent years. “My goal is to make my client feel good about themselves, whether they are exercising to improve their sport, lose weight or gain muscle. I prioritise making my clients feel comfortable and confident the gym”

Discovering the Point at Polzeath and in particular the Health Club has been an amazing and rewarding experience. A friendly welcome from the start, personal trainers who listen to you and design imaginative and varied programmes for exercise, always encouraging and keeping you motivated. The food which is delicious, healthy and varied, the whole package designed to help you achieve your goals. If you are prepared to put in the work you will see the result.

Hazel Fitch